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Solar energy

Installation of Solar Home System, Solar Lanterns

we design and install solar panels for homes, businesses, and organizations of all sizes

Solar Water Pumps

we install both AC and DC submersible water pumps for different uses

we design and install solar panels for homes, businesses, and organizations of all sizes

energy consulting

Our team of experts can help you determine the best solar energy solutions for your needs and budget.

Maintenance and Repairs

We offer maintenance and repair services to keep your solar panels running at peak efficiency.

backup powers

This type of UPS switches to battery power only when the main power source fails. It provides basic protection against power outages but may cause a small interruption during the switch

Line-interactive UPS systems regulate and condition the power from the main supply to ensure stable voltage levels. They have an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that compensates for voltage fluctuations, providing better protection against power surges, sags, and brownouts

This type of UPS offers the highest level of protection and is commonly used for critical applications. It continuously powers the connected devices from the battery, while the AC power from the main supply is used to recharge the battery. The AC power is also converted to DC and then back to AC to ensure a stable and clean power output

Solar PV micro-Grid system

This configuration is similar to a solar home system shared by 3-5 houses to meet basic
electricity demand for 2-3 LED lighting per house, mobile charging and charging of solar
lanterns, etc

This type of system can be designed by adding more modules and batteries. A large single
charge controller or multiple charge controllers would be needed to handle the increased
current from the array

AC appliances can be powered by adding a DC-to-AC inverter. In general, system size more
than 1000 watts can be designed for standalone AC operation. Depending on the capacity of
the system and type of inverter, various types of AC appliances could be operated by this
type of system

Design and operational features of this configuration is similar to the AC power system as
mentioned in the previous section. The only additional feature in this configuration is facility
to use DC appliances directly from the regulator without going through the inverter

Solar microgrid system can be integrated to other renewable energy generator such as wind
turbines or micro hydro generator. A common choice is a diesel, kerosene or petrol fuel
based generator. By combining a generator, the reliability of solar microgrid system can be
assured with availability power during any season or weather condition during the year

We Offer A Wide Range Of Solar Energy
Products And Services, Including:

D.Light S200

The d.light S200 solar lantern is our most affordable mobile charging lantern with double the savings. The unique dome lens of the S200 spreads soft ambient lighting throughout the room, and its long-lasting battery allows charging of mobile phones via its USB port, ensuring you are never out of charge again.

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